What Do I Do If I Damage My Dentures?

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You know how to care for your dentures, but you may not know much about denture repair. However, even by taking care of your dentures, you may still have an accident. Things just break sometimes, including dentures. If you damage your dentures, here is what you can do.

Stay calm and call the dentist

Broken dentures are considered a dental emergency. However, it is important for patients to avoid panicking. Often, a denture repair is easy to care for. The only way to find out is by seeing the dentist. That way, the damage can be evaluated. The patient should call the dentist and explain what the damage is.

That way, the dentist can determine how bad the harm to the dentures is and what to do. For example, a simple crack can be easily bonded. Others might need to be sent to a lab for repairs. In the most severe cases, the dentures might need to be completely replaced. However, only the dentist can decide this.

Home care for broken dentures

The dentist is the right person to repair dentures. However, there are some steps that patients can take at home to help with a good outcome. For example, it is important to gather up all of the missing pieces. This includes broken teeth and pieces of the acrylic base. These should all be brought to the patient’s appointment.

In some cases, the dentures may still be wearable. If this happens, then the patient can place dental wax on any sharp edges. That acts as a barrier that can help the patient avoid cuts in the mouth. When the patient calls the dentist, they may recommend removing the dentures and putting them in a case. Sometimes, wearing broken dentures can worsen the damage and increase discomfort.

Denture repair options

The type and the cause of the break will determine whether a denture repair can be performed. In some cases, the false teeth can be repaired in the same visit. However, in other cases, it might take several days for the repair. If this happens, then the dentist will discuss options with the patient while the dentures are at the lab.

If the dentures have not fitted properly, then they might need to be relined. Old and worn dentures may even need to be replaced. That way, the new teeth will fit the patient better. It is often common to experience bone loss with these false teeth. That can negatively impact the way that the dentures fit the patient. A dentist might recommend dental implants with teeth over them instead.

Choose a denture repair from your dentist today

If you have broken dentures or any questions about this issue, then talking to your dentist is a good idea. That way, you can learn about different options for repair. It is a good idea to try to avoid do-it-yourself repairs unless it is a true emergency. That can cause further damage to the false teeth.

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